A Django files storage using Dropbox as a backend via the official Dropbox SDK for Python. Currently only v2 of the API is supported.

Before you start configuration, you will need to install the SDK which can be done for you automatically by doing:

pip install django-storages[dropbox]


To use DropBoxStorage set:

DEFAULT_FILE_STORAGE = 'storages.backends.dropbox.DropBoxStorage'
Your Dropbox token. You can obtain one by following the instructions in the tutorial.
DROPBOX_ROOT_PATH (optional, default '/')
Path which will prefix all uploaded files. Must begin with a /.
DROPBOX_TIMEOUT (optional, default 100)
Timeout in seconds for requests to the API. If None, the client will wait forever. The default value matches the SDK at the time of this writing.
DROPBOX_WRITE_MODE (optional, default 'add')
Sets the Dropbox WriteMode strategy. Read more in the official docs.